Amar Buker Moddikhane (2010)

Name : Amar Buker Moddhi khane
Release : 2010
Director: Shafi Ikbal ( Shafi Uddin Shafi )
Producer: Jahangir Alam
Production: Raj Movies
Music: Ali Akram Shuvo
Lyric: Kabir Bakul
D.O.P: Alamgir Khosru
Editor: Touhid Hossain Chowdhury
Script: Chatku ahmed
Choreographer: Masum Babul
Online Distribution: SIS Media
Amar Boker Moddhi Khane is a Bangladeshi film directed by Shafi Ikbal ( Shafi Uddin Shafi ), Shakib Khan and Apu Biswas in lead rolesWith Racy, Ahmed Sharif, Sucharita, Kazi Hayet, Kabila, play other important roles. Part of film was picturised in Thailand. The film was released on 02 April in 2010.
Synopsis: Poor orphaned mechanic Shakib is a highly ambitious boy. Dreaming of getting rich. With his little earnings, he lives like a child of a wealthy family. On a street, he meets Apu, a girl from a wealthy family. They fall in love with each other. Apu's rich father does not accept him and insults Shakib. On the other hand, Shakib' twin brother, a boy of a wealthy family and a blind, returns from abroad after completing his education. Shakib is given the responsibility of looking after his mother Shuchorita's large business. Shakib gets to know about the takeover by the business manager, Dany Sidak, and tries to stop him. Dany kills Shakib and appoints mechanic Shakib who came for a for a job. Seeing Shakib, Danny plans to take over all of their assets with his help. Garrage mechanic Shakib agrees.At one point he gets to know about Dany's evil plan. He protests and leaks Dany's secret evil works to his mother. She gets to know that this is her long lost child. Ruining all evil plans, Shakib gets married to Apu. And mother gets back her lost child.

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