Agni Sonket (1988)

Movie: Agni Sonket
Language: Bengali
Genre: Drama, Classic
Producer: Ratan Krishna Kundu
Director: Arup Dutta
Story: Sanjib Chattopadhyay
Cinematographer: Girish Padhiyar
Music Director: Goutam Ghosh
Release: 1988
Star cast: Soumitra Chatterjee,Satabdi Roy,Robi Ghosh,Satya Banerjee,Debika Mukherjee,Biplab Chatterjee,Debika Mukherjee,Ramen Ray Chowdhury,Kalipada Chakraborty,Premangshu Basum,Kumkum Bhattacharya,Santosh Dutta,Dulal Lahiri,Lily Chakraborty
Synopsis: A politician named Salil Sen meets with death and finds himself at Yama’s court. Owing to his misdeeds when alive, Yama sends his soul back to earth to face the consequences of his own actions. Salil becomes Shyamal, a simple middle class professional. Shyamal realizes the poor condition of the society owing to corruption and exploitation. He becomes a saviour for many, lending his helping hand whenever needed. However his doubtful nature leads him to commit a crime for which he not only repents heavily, however eventually loses his life. Hence the cycle of karma is fulfilled.

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